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    Bee Hawk Moth - Cephonodes hylas

    Cephonodes hylas (Sphingidae) is a species of day-flying moth attracted to flowers, that can reach up to 73 mm in wingspan, and is characterized by having the upperside of abdomen with a black and dark red belt. This species is widely distributed in Asia, Africa and Australia.

    Other common names: Pellucid Hawk Moth, Coffee Clearwing, Coffee Bee Hawkmoth.

    References: [1] - [2]

    Photo credit: ©Daniel Ruyle | Locality: unknown (2010)


    Lost baby sperm whale jumps for joy 5ft above the waves after being reunited with its family

    by Harriet Arkell

    Taken by a British diver who was following the sperm whale calf, they show the minute the baby - who had lost track of its mum - found her again in the sea off the Azores. Soaring 30ft across the waves, the euphoric newborn slammed its body onto the water with joy after becoming separated from its family group in the chilly waters…

    (read more: Daily Mail UK)

    (via libutron)

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