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  • archiemcphee:

    "What did I do?"
    You killed the car.

    Swedish Lego Users Group Swebrick just held their annual “AFOL vs AFOL” building contest. AFOL stands for “Adult Fan of LEGO” and this year’s building theme was “Any scene from an ’80s movie or TV show featuring a vehicle.” Builder Etzel87 won first place with this awesome recreation of the unforgettable scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Cameron vents his long pent-up anger at his dad by kicking his father’s precious Ferrari until it ultimately pops off its jack and crashes through the window of his (now famous) house.

    We love the expressions on the minifigs’ faces as they helplessly watch the car plunge toward its doom as well as the use of flat, clear 1x1 pieces for flying shards of glass.

    Click here to view the rest of this year’s contest entries.

    [via The Brothers Brick]

    “ Vimes was vaguely aware that he drank to forget. What made it rather pointless was that he couldn’t remember what it was he was forgetting anymore. In the end he just drank to forget about drinking. ”

    —    Guards! Guards!, Terry Pratchett
    (via pyramidnights)

    (via twin-city-ankh-and-morpork)

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